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Matthew’s House                                                               Volume 10 Issue 1

Veste Buna
(Romanian for "Good News")


Matthews House Farm News

      There is lots of news on the farm front to share with everyone.  Some of you will remember Esau.  Esau is the Duroc boar that we bought some time back as a piglet.   I am happy to say that Esau has matured and has produced a goodly number of Duroc and Yorkshire cross piglets.  We have selected 4 young gilts from Esau’s offspring to be brood sows for Matthews House pig program.  These gilts will be bred to a Duroc boar of a different bloodline that we have been able to obtain.  This will fortify the Duroc traits of a longer leaner pig in Matthews House herd.   In other words higher quality and healthier meat for the folks in Romania.  It takes a lot of time and effort to achieve these results, but we are now well on our way.   Let me also add here that none of the animals we have are fed anything in the way of growth hormones or a continuous regimen of antibiotics.  They are fed natural grains and whey in their diets along with small potatoes, apples, squash, pumpkins and other naturally grown foods.  Good things in means good things out.         
         It is our desire this summer to tear down the old seven stall pig pens that got us started producing pork here at Matthews House many years ago.  We have already prepared foundations for this project and with the continued help of the LORD we can buy construction materials to house seven brood sows and a new Duroc boar.  The new quarters for the pigs will be more efficient and warmer in the cold Romanian winters, and certainly better looking than the old pig pens we currently have.  The Bible tells us not to despise humble beginnings.  These are some of the most humble.     


    In further Matthews House Farm News we are most pleased to report that a brother in the LORD wants to donate Angus Beef Cattle Embryos to Matthews House Farm in Romania.   We at Matthews House have never imported embryos before, but know that it is possible to do this according to Romanian veterinarian sources.  Pray for us as we are now beginning to search out all the requirements for this new endeavor for Farming in Romania.  Prayerfully when all this comes to pass it will result in a nice purebred Angus bull for Matthews House.  A bull like this would be good news for everyone in our area of Romania.  This bull would produce high quality beef calves not readily available in Romania.  So as you can read here The LORD is blessing Matthews House Pig Program and now also The Coins For Calves Program.  Pray for this as we can be a blessing to many with these GODLY PROGRAMS.


Container News

   The Matthews House container with its cargo of construction materials and other needed items arrived in the middle of November 2011.   Bringing a cargo container from the United States into Romania is no small feat.  It would not have been possible without the help of many fine folks who helped physically, financially and prayerfully.   We are very thankful for all of you who participated in this effort.   This container held many and varied items from relief goods such as new clothing to construction items including new windows and exterior doors for Matthews House.  The windows and exterior doors were packaged with osb board that can be reused in our construction projects here in Romania.  Many items such as nails, bolts, screws etc. which we take for granted in the West are not readily available in the villages of Romania.  Repair parts and tires for our farm equipment finds their way to us by cargo container.  We were also able to send a manure spreader which will help alleviate the burdensome task of spreading natural fertilizer on Matthews House crop land.  Also the container itself is a low cost structure allowing us to store grain and animal feed in a rodent proof and secure enclosure.   Again, many thanks to all who helped us see this cargo container through.    
Matthews House Bees

       For the last couple of years at Matthews House we have been struggling with our honey bees.  Early on for the first three years of our bee keeping program we had been somewhat successful in producing honey and propagating hives of bees from a meager beginning of four families of bees to nineteen families. 

      Then seemingly, for no reason we could understand, we began to suffer loss of fifteen families of bees over a two year period while not adding any families to our inventory at all.  This phenomena seemed to be widespread not just locally for Matthews House Romania, but also worldwide.  What to do about this was a mystery.  We did not want to abandon bee keeping, but were discouraged by the lack of any meaningful results.  The problem is more than the lack of honey.  Bees are responsible for the bulk of pollination for most farm crops and fruit trees.  The more bees the better pollination.  The less bees the poorer pollination.  It’s a mystery to me why all of a sudden the bee colonies just disappeared.  Was it weather?  Was it cell phone usage which has in the last two years escalated greatly in all of Romania?   Is it a combination of these and other factors?  There are many and varied theories.  Perhaps only the LORD knows for sure.  For sure this should be an item of prayer as food production relies on the pollination of trees and other plants for food.  Fortunately, last year we were able to increase our bee population to nine hives from just four the preceding year.  We are making every endeavor to double the bee population that we have in the coming spring and early summer.  Pray that we will have healthy and powerful hives filled with happy bees, because we all need food.
Matthews House Construction   

         Matthews House Construction is encapsulated in Psalm 127.   You can say physically that the LORD JESUS has provided the land, the bricks, the mortar and all labor, finances and materials for Matthews House.  In fact, you can even see it from space on Google Earth as an earthly testimony.  Our accountant in Romania,  Felicia Palamaru can open books containing financial records of how finances and other material things have been dispersed.   We can point to new windows and doors on the outside of a new building in progress.  We can see not just through faith now, how that new walls are framed inside brick walls at Matthews House.  They are now a reality.   Through the eyes of faith we still look to plumbing and electrical that are still in their beginnings, though our LORD silently deals with minds and hearts seen only to him and those who yield to his leading.  Paul the Apostle taught Faithfully from House to House the wonderful Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   This we do also in that same name and for that same cause.  With every report of a hammer and nail and every stroke of a trowel and laying of a plumb line we are witnesses of our LORD moving ever closer to the mark of his high calling.   A city set upon a hill cannot be hid, nor can the light of GODS WORD be suppressed.   We are thankful for every timber and nail.  We are thankful for every laborer, because it all comes from you, LORD.   We know all have labored long and diligent, but we have not labored in vain.  For it is so that your kingdom will come in this little part of the world you have chosen for us to labor.  Your will be done as our will surrenders silently to your will on this earth, just as it is there in heaven.  Father, we hallow your name as an ambassador should that represents your name.  For we know that we can take your name in vain not only with words, but also by our actions.   So Father, forgive me and remind me of my trespasses and remind me continually to forgive and love others as you do me.   Thank you LORD that you feed me and have used these hands to feed others.  Deliver us all from the evil one, he has no part in this your work nor anyone involved in it.   All power we acknowledge is yours, as well as the kingdom is yours and we give all glory to you Father where it should rightly reside.   We as always ask for You to protect us and guard us and provide for us as only you can do.   With this in our hearts and minds we know we can sleep safely, for You will not allow your enemy past our gate.   Thank you Father for all that you are doing in us.  For we know you are dwelling in us and we in you.   

Preserving Food at Matthews House

      This year at Matthews House we focused on the art of canning and food preservation.  Not only so we can help provide for others, but ourselves and those who come to visit us at the farm.  Our Farm produces a lot of pork, beef and vegetables and milk, along with honey, jams, jellies, apple sauce and grains for bread.  We feel directed by the LORD to fully utilize these resources not only for distribution in times of emergency or other hard times, but also daily in providing some meals for daily workers.  Our new Home at Matthews House will contain large pantries and freezers to provide food for all who are in need.  The best way to describe how the LORD is molding and shaping the benevolent side of Matthews House is described in the virtuous wife in The Proverbs Chapter 31.   Come and dine! 


Bogdan Goes To College and Peter Comes To Matthews House

      I am convinced after 21 years of mission work in Romania that GOD is at work through relationships.   I very seriously doubt that I would ever have gone to Romania had I not known GOD THE FATHER through JESUS THE SON.  .  By surrendering my will to His a new life path opened up directed by Him and not by me.  As a result of this many relationships are established and some He even severed.  The latter can be very painful but GOD always knows best.  Believe me please, we always want His best and we should give Him our best. 

     This brings me to two young men that I believe have entered our lives at Matthews House.  Their names are Peter and Bogdan.  Let’s look at Bogdan first.   Bogdan came to Matthews House several years ago when he was just a kid in grade school.  I knew him through Stelica his father that I hired to do general labor on the farm.  Stelica is a trained machinist, but was unemployed.  The factory he worked at in a nearby city had closed.  He came to us looking for work.  So I hired him.  Stelica turned out to be a great worker and honest.  Then one day Stelica came to work with his young son Bogdan.  Stelica wanted me to give some work to Bogdan during the summer months so that he could buy his school supplies and shoes and other things he needed for school.   I was impressed, (many folks think missions should be some kind of Christian welfare program) so I agreed to give Bogdan a try.  It was a good decision.  Bogdan turned out to be a hard worker.  He worked like a man so I gave him a man’s wage.  This went on til this year when Bogdan was accepted into the college of Economics at Suceava Romania.   I knew this would be a financial hardship on the family, but also knew how Stelica wanted his oldest son to have a better education and life than he had.   So we gave Bogdan a milk cow to sell to defer his expenses and a little refrigerator we had to keep food in at the little apartment he shares with another boy who goes to the same school.  Obviously, this relationship the LORD constructed between us and Bogdan, and his family is much deeper and complex than is outlined here in this limited space.  It’s a relationship that with GOD is open ended and can continue making new relations with GOD at the helm.   All the best from us, Bogdan.  You are in our prayers.

    That now brings us to Peter who I don’t know as well as Bogdan.  But I believe has also been directed to Matthews House just as Bogdan was.  This all started probably seven or eight years ago with Florica, who is Peter’s grandfather.  Florica like Stelica worked with me at Matthews House.  He was retired from his old job which was in agriculture for the communist collective in Romania.   Never have you met a sweeter mannered fellow than Florica.   A wonderful and hard worker that was always a joy to be around.  Florica grows also fruit and nut trees, blackberry and raspberry and grapevines for sale.  Florica worked with us for about three years, but had to stop because of the failing health of his wife.  In the mean time I would visit Florica and buy some nut trees or just have a talk.  Likewise from time to time he would visit me and share what was going on with him and his family.   Then one day this last fall I pulled in to the farm early one morning to see Florica with his son and grandson, Peter.  Florica had come to ask me to help his grandson with a need that he had.   Peter had attended an agricultural school in a nearby town, and was ready to graduate in the summer of 2012.  But there was a problem.  In order to fulfill the requirements for graduation Peter had to do a semester of practical application of what he had already learned from books at his school.  His problem was the school had no Agricultural equipment to practice on.  We at Matthews House do.  I told Peter and his father and grandfather we would be happy to help Peter fulfill the requirements of his school program.  It was a great union between us and Peter.  It was good for him and for us.  Working under the direction of Matthews House mechanic and equipment operator, Peter helped with the fall plowing and planting of wheat and rye.  He also helped with general maintenance of our equipment and the overhaul of our combine engine.  Just as with Bogdan this relationship is open ended.  Where it will lead who is to say.  Matthews House trade school has received its first student and I believe the first of many others to come.   How about the relationships in your life?  Are they ordered by GOD?   If so, they will span far beyond the horizon.  Best wishes and many prayers in the time to come, Peter.  I am excited to see what our LORD will do with this humble beginning.  

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Nathan and Kathy Coggins represent Matthews House when Bro. Delbert is in Romania.  They can be contacted as follows:

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"Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."
Matthew 25:40

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