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         Matthews House Construction is encapsulated in Psalm 127.   You can say physically that the LORD JESUS has provided the land, the bricks, the mortar and all labor, finances and materials for Matthews House.  In fact, you can even see it from space on Google Earth as an earthly testimony.  Our accountant in Romania,  Felicia Palamaru can open books containing financial records of how finances and other material things have been dispersed.   We can point to new windows and doors on the outside of a new building in progress.  We can see not just through faith now, how that new walls are framed inside brick walls at Matthews House.  They are now a reality.   Through the eyes of faith we still look to plumbing and electrical that are still in their beginnings, though our LORD silently deals with minds and hearts seen only to him and those who yield to his leading.  Paul the Apostle taught Faithfully from House to House the wonderful Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   This we do also in that same name and for that same cause.  With every report of a hammer and nail and every stroke of a trowel and laying of a plumb line we are witnesses of our LORD moving ever closer to the mark of his high calling.   A city set upon a hill cannot be hid, nor can the light of GODS WORD be suppressed.   We are thankful for every timber and nail.  We are thankful for every laborer, because it all comes from you, LORD.   We know all have labored long and diligent, but we have not labored in vain.  For it is so that your kingdom will come in this little part of the world you have chosen for us to labor.  Your will be done as our will surrenders silently to your will on this earth, just as it is there in heaven.  Father, we hallow your name as an ambassador should that represents your name.  For we know that we can take your name in vain not only with words, but also by our actions.   So Father, forgive me and remind me of my trespasses and remind me continually to forgive and love others as you do me.   Thank you LORD that you feed me and have used these hands to feed others.  Deliver us all from the evil one, he has no part in this your work nor anyone involved in it.   All power we acknowledge is yours, as well as the kingdom is yours and we give all glory to you Father where it should rightly reside.   We as always ask for You to protect us and guard us and provide for us as only you can do.   With this in our hearts and minds we know we can sleep safely, for You will not allow your enemy past our gate.   Thank you Father for all that you are doing in us.  For we know you are dwelling in us and we in you.   

The container arrived November 8th; 10 days later we installed the last window and exterior door, number 50!!!  Praise the Lord!

Matthews House Prayer tower freshly painted awaits window installation this summer. Windows and exterior doors are being loaded on a cargo container in Jonesborough Tennessee (see below!)

Packing the Container

Most of the windows and sleeping bags are placed in the bed of this manure spreader.  Then a secure packing crate is built around them with the sleeping bags on top for extra cushion.

Windows Arrive!

Volunteers helping unload the windows for Matthews House Construction in Dersca Romania! 


Praise the Lord for the purchase of the container!  ($4185 needed to transport from NC to TN then to Matthew's House in Romania!)

Wooden shingles we are making for the prayer tower at Matthews House
(about 1300 of them!)


Completion of the insulation of the adjoining wall of the house and the large hall.  We will further enclose with osb board that we have purchased!!

We put the last door frame in the house on October 12th!! 



This is what you will see both within and without Matthews House.  Martha looks to the cross.  Only one day after this was completed in the center dormer window a terrible localized hail storm devastated what crops that had not succumbed to the prior flood.  Could it be that we are making someone unhappy?  In this case I sure hope so. 


"Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."
Matthew 25:40

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